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What are some of the most common issues businesses face when it comes to web development and marketing?

The most significant challenge is what people have learned or experienced with other projects. Sometimes companies in our industry focus solely on doing to work and moving on to the next project. We see this as a substantial gap, so active customer education is part of our engagement process. Customer education starts pre-sales at ytechnology because better-informed customers lead to happier customers- which leads to new customer referrals. It's a feedback loop that we consider to be an excellent investment.

How can I find out more about your marketing and web development services?

If you're casually interested in what we do, there's a broad view outlined on our products and services page. Also, you'll find a deeper dive on our news and articles page. If you are looking for specific best practices or educational material, subscribe to our newsletter. And if you have a particular issue, book a free consultation.  

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