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Who We Are

We at Ytechnology believe that anything is possible. We are passionate about helping our clients reach their goals and achieve success through our services in management consulting, marketing, development, and customer insights. Together we strive to create lasting relationships and positively impact the lives of those we work with.

Our mission is to provide meaningful solutions that drive results while enhancing our clients’ overall experience.

Our Mission

We provide our clients with the knowledge and resources needed to manage their business initiatives to successful outcomes. We strive to be an invaluable partner in helping our customers achieve their strategic objectives by leveraging data-driven decisions making, market and product research, industry-leading best practices, and technology.

Our Vision

To be the go-to professional services company for small to mid-sized businesses by helping our clients to reach their maximum potential through strategy execution, business optimization, marketing, development, and customer insights.

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Our Core Values

Be Curious – Curiosity leads to personal growth and creative solutions. Follow it. 

Create Value – It is the only reason we’re here. If we aren’t adding value, we aren’t leading with integrity.

Be Bold – Be honest. Call it how you see it. Do the right thing.

Start With Customer – Business processes have lots of inputs, but the people with problems needing solutions are the first stop. Start with the job to be done. 

Be Humble – Everyone at this level is intelligent and successful; leave the ego at home. 


Keep Learning – Keep adding tools to your toolbox. Keep testing your business hypotheses. There is no finish line for knowledge. 

Innovate Often – We love building cool things, but if the solution doesn’t give our customers leverage (add value), it’s not the right solution.

Be Agile – Break the engagement into smaller, visible tasks, and show the customer value. Do it quickly. Repeat. 

Build Things –  We add value when we build, and ultimately we are what we build. So, what have you created lately?

Have Fun – This is part of your life’s journey. Enjoy every minute.

Why Ytechnology

Ytechnology is the journey from a college kid’s first startup to the 20+ years of experience and expertise required to help customers solve their business challenges. Ours is a journey across time, technology, and industries, then back to being of service to customers in ways that truly matter.

After college, I took my first shot at entrepreneurship and started a web development company. I’d only built a few sites and was fresh off an undergraduate degree in business and technology, but somehow I got lucky and got my first client. I rolled up my sleeves and gave them everything I had, but it wasn’t much. I’d given them what they asked for, but I didn’t add any value. That stuck with me.

I got a few more projects after that but kept hitting the same walls. Customers were happy with my work, but what had they paid for? Eventually, it became clear that I had significant gaps in my toolbox, so I decided to get some business experience.

I went to work building my career and adding to my toolbox. Retail management taught me business systems. Sales taught me that customers are the first link in any business chain. Project management taught me that companies need someone responsible and accountable for business initiatives and that leadership matters. I climbed to executive roles across a few companies, taking on projects ranging from leading teams and building products to right-sizing mature businesses.

I learned how to build, optimize, and grow companies in these roles. The work was engaging, but ultimately I learned something that changed me: scale matters. The value you add to a large company might get you a bonus or win you some accolades for a quarter or two. That same value added at a smaller company can change lives. At this stage of my career, changing lives is a much more fulfilling goal, so I returned to my roots.

Ytechnology is my return to my first adventure in business, now armed with the tools, experience, and expertise needed to help companies achieve remarkable outcomes.

What our clients say

We aren’t the types to brag, but we’re happy to let our clients tell you what they think of us.