Our Approach

Growth is a Process. At least It should be.
This Is Ours
Companies We Partner With

We believe that we are helping our customers build better tomorrows. We love working with open-minded, outcome-driven companies with clear business goals and value the long game.  We are a value-driven company. This is our life’s work. It matters. 

We are sure you feel the same way about your company and the work you do. Wouldn’t it be great to work with a company that approaches its work the same way you approach yours?

Companies we run from...fast.

We recognize that not every partnership is a good one. We spend time upfront making sure we’re a good fit for the companies we work with, but we also want to ensure they are a good fit for us. We tend to avoid companies where the vision, goals, and budget aren’t in alignment.

We also don’t partner well with cusomters that are looking for the lowest cost provider. Sure the dollars and cents matter, we get that, but our work is an investment in your business’s success in the same way your company is an investment in your customer’s success. If we don’t share those values its probably not a good fit. 

We Keep It Agile

Ytechnology is an Agile shop.

Agile project management is an iterative approach to managing complex projects that emphasizes the rapid response to changes in the environment while accommodating constant shifts in customer requirements.

It is a collaborative process that relies on continuous stakeholder feedback and communication. In addition, agile project management facilitates shorter delivery times, effective collaboration amongst team members, better risk management, and the optimization of resources.

Furthermore, it allows for solutions’ incremental and progressive development since activities are organized into short sprint cycles.

Our Engagement Philosophy

Ytechnology’s engagement philosophy is our simplified approach to the consulting process. It is rooted in the belief that collaboration is the key to successful outcomes. Thus, it recognizes that clients and consultants must jointly develop an understanding of their individual needs and objectives to create a mutually beneficial agreement.

We’ve tried to encapsulate this philosophy into a few axioms:

  1. Be Curious: the right questions can make all the difference.
  2. Be Accountable: define the goals, outcomes, and success metrics on every sprint.
  3. Be Adaptable: change happens fast, and our customers hire us to improve them, but how we do that is sometimes a moving target. 


We aren’t the big guys; we can’t do everything for every client. Sure, we have broad expertise, but we like being a boutique. It allows us to focus on the areas that matter most.

What areas matter most to our clients?Building, Optimizing, and Growing.

Build Optimize Grow

Why Building Matters

Let’s face it; As the leader of your company, most of your day consists of building bridges to future opportunities or walls to keep competitors at bay. The market may force you left, or your customers may force you right, but you can’t stand still. You have to move. You have to build.

What can we help you build today?

Why Optimizing Matters

You’re focused on the million problems that  “keep the lights on” each day. That leaves little time for process improvements, market research, or deep business analysis. The problem is that those things can change EVERYTHING.

You have to optimize today’s business to achieve tomorrow’s goals.

What 5% improvement to your business would get you the impact you need?

Why Growing Matters

Every company wants to grow, but sometimes new business feels more like luck than a repeatable process.

Do you have a clear, documented map of your customer’s journey from awareness to advocacy? You should. Process yields repeatablity.  

Do you know what levers have the most impact on your business’s growth?

Why Clients Choose Us

Broad Expertise

Deep specialization can be great when you see the whole field and know what you need, but that’s rarely the case for most businesses.

Our customers value our ability to help them connect the dots and see what they aren’t seeing.

Hands On Approach

Assessing things and writing reports would be great if our customers wanted to read about their challenges, but they don’t. They want them fixed, and they need our help. 

Sure, we are willing to talk about what needs to be done, but it’s the how and then the execution that pays our bills. 

Operational Agility

We are an Agile company.  We learned it from our years as developers, project managers, and product managers. It drove many projects to successful outcomes.

We show value quickly as we work towards the client’s ultimate vision.