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The Ugly Facts About Business Failures

Business is simultaneously challenging and rewarding, but it's fraught with risk. Even the best business owners can be caught off-guard. There's no guarantee for success, but what if you could build hedges against the things you can see coming? Below is a short list of why most businesses fail. Do you have systems or processes in place to mitigate these risks?
Poor Product-Market Fit
34% of startup failures are due to a poor product-market fit.
Wrong Marketing Strategies
22% of failed businesses didn’t implement the correct marketing strategies.
Team HR / Issues
18% of startups fail due to team problems and other human-resource-related issues.
Cash Flow Problems
16% of failures in the startup world are the result of cash flow problems and other financial issues.
Tech-related Problems
6% of startup failures are due to tech-related problems, including poor cyber security and outdated solutions.
Suboptimal Operations
2% of startups fail due to sub-optimal operations.
Legal Problems
2% of startups fail due to legal problems, such as issues with licensing, registering an unsuitable entity structure, and failing to formulate a partnership agreement that protects the interests of each co-founder.
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What Do Consultants Do?

Consultants are like teachers or coaches. They help companies, organizations, or people figure out how to do something better. For example, if a company wants to make more money, they might hire a consultant to help them figure out how they can do that.

The consultant will look at the company and analyze their current situation. They might look at what the company is doing right and what needs improvement. Then, the consultant will suggest how the company can improve and make more money.

Sometimes the consultant will also come up with ideas for new products or services the company could offer customers. So consultants help companies and organizations improve by giving advice and finding ways to improve things!


It means we aren't leaving you high and dry with catchphrases and polished presentations. We will roll up our sleeves and help move your organization to the finish line.

We work with compaines like yours everyday.

Let us show you what we can do.

OUR EXPERTISE Is Only The Beginning

This is not where we bore you with sales talk or fancy words.

This is not where we tell you how much better than the other guys we are. Yes, we have good people, but so do our competitors. 

This is a different thing because we are a different company.

Our differences are not frameworks, methodologies, and best practices. Those make us the same by design. 

Our differences are the same as yours: values, culture, focus, and purpose. We want to help business owners build better businesses.

That small differentiator makes a whole lot of difference. 


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We believe that the right technology, properly understood and well implemented, can be a competitive advantage over time. Our technology strategy is simple: we continuously develop strategic partnerships with companies that are the best in their respective categories. We build domain and product expertise that we can leverage to bring the best solutions to our customers.
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